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 Character Creation Format&Race List

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Character Creation Format&Race List Empty
PostSubject: Character Creation Format&Race List   Character Creation Format&Race List I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2012 4:09 am

Name:(What's their name?)
Age:(How old are they?)
Eye Color:(Obvious.)
Hair Color:(Fur/Hair Color.)
Gender:(Male or Female, Boy or Girl, Man or Woman, however you want to phrase it.)
Race:(See below.)
Personality:(Nice, fucked up in the head, total jackass, disciplined, whatever they're like.)
Background:(Can we haz a backstory?)
Picture of Character: (Just supply a picture of your character.)

Hedgehogs are said to be the fastest Mobians in existence. Most live to around 120 years before passing away, but certain ones are gifted and live longer or forever.

Foxes are known for their amazing skills of flight, and those gifted with two tails are even better in flight. Foxes are also said to contain some of the smartest Mobians in the entire race. Age is the same as hedgehogs.

They are usually the strongest Mobians, and if not, only second to a Bat, which both of are known for digging and gliding as well. Most live to 100, guardians live to be 150, and some are gifted with longer life or immortality.

Humans can't be found on Mobius, except for ones that traveled there through a machine. Most live to 115, though some may live longer or forever from gifts.

They are usually the strongest Mobians, and if not, only second to an Echedna, which both of are known for digging and gliding as well. Most live to 100, guardians live to be 150, and some are gifted with longer life or immortality.

Bees are the smallest, but the fastest in the air. Most live to be around the same age as Echednas.

Crocodiles are after Echednas and Bats in strength most of the time, and they can chew through almost anything. Most live to 100 years.

These mysterious beings can change their color to blend in and become invisible. Most live to 150.

Robots don't age, as they are machines, however they have weapons inside of them, or in a few's case, outside of them and not retractable.

Cats are known for their amazing swimming ability, and those that can't swim usually are very strong. Most live to around 125.

Not much is known about Mobian mice. They come in a near second to Hedgehogs in speed. Nobody knows how long they live, though the oldest sighted was 205.

Rabbits have the flight skills of a bee and one-tailed fox put together, giving them speed and balance. Most live to be 130.

Weasels are usually tricky and some of the smartest, and most live to be 145.

Any 2 races mix together to form a half-breed, ad most live to be about 135. They have the combined skills of both their races, only not as strong or fast.

Weapon(It's like Half-Breed, just more complicated):
Some are pure machines, such as Emerl, and some are half Mobain(like Shadow or Shockwave, my FC that ill be making on here), that were built as tools of war or weapons of mass destruction. The machines have no age limit, but the half Mobian ones do, as most live to be about 505.,

God(Can only be half god):
These are sons or daughters of gods, or Mobians/Machines/Weapons that were given DNA from a god. They have no age limit, but can be murdered, however are the only way to be stronger than Bats, Echednas, and Crocodiles, while also being able to fly better than Bees and Foxes, being faster than Hedgehogs, smarter than Foxes and Weasels, so on and so forth.
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Character Creation Format&Race List
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